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Welcome to
our school


“Firm and insightful leadership has energised staff and improved standards of education”

“Teachers are committed to continually improving their practice and driving up standards”

“Leaders are uncompromising and resolute in their ambition for what the school can achieve”

Ofsted 2016

Wolverley CE Secondary School is a thriving and dynamic school with a totally unique combination of high standards and values within an unrivaled rural setting.

Everyone who works at the school is passionate about helping our students to learn and develop into responsible and well-rounded individuals. We place this goal at the heart of our drive for excellence.

Our Christian values and ethos of mutual respect and understanding are at our core. We challenge our students daily to raise their sights to achieve more than they believe that they can.

Our school motto is ‘Ambition Unlimited’; our ambition for both the school itself and everyone who walks through its doors knows no bounds.

Students love being here and are proud of their school.





Bryn Thomas, Headteacher


“We incorporate our six key values of
in all that we do, underpinning our









At Wolverley CE Secondary School, we are committed to maximising the potential of all our students by providing them with a wide range of opportunities to prepare them for the next step in their educational journey. We want our students to have the highest of aspirations for themselves and to achieve them. Our curriculum is varied, broad and challenging with extensive opportunities and support for students to excel both inside and outside of the classroom.

We firmly believe that the parent-school partnership is incredibly important and seek to build and strengthen our relationships.













“Teachers have high expectations of pupils’ work”

“Pupils in classes are committed, hard-working and resilient”

“Current pupils are on track to gain the higher grades at GCSE”

Ofsted 2016

We work together with parents to carefully monitor progress and provide individual guidance to enable all of our students to achieve well.


“...providing them with a WIDE RANGE of opportunities...”










& Learning

“Pupils behave well in and around the school. Their positive relationships with each other and their teachers support engaging and effective learning”

“Leadership of teaching and learning is highly effective”

“The consistent implementation of the ‘Wolverley Teaching Standards’ has had a very positive effect on improving teaching”

Ofsted 2016

At Wolverley CE Secondary School, we believe that every student should thrive and enjoy high quality lessons.

Varied teaching and learning strategies, engaging styles and creative approaches within the classroom ensure that students access the curriculum regardless of their ability, prior attainment and learning style.

We pride ourselves on the quality of teaching and believe in developing students’ desire to learn in our school where expectations are high; challenge, inspiration and active learning are all important for students to achieve their full potential.










Our motto of “AMBITION UNLIMITED” extends well into lessons where students receive a personalised experience which enables them to develop their independence, creativity and resilience both personally and academically









& Nurturing

“The school’s Christian ethos is practised daily by a focus upon care, inclusion, equality and improving the life chances of young people”

“They cooperate positively with each other in class and at social times. Relationships with school staff are very positive, contributing to a harmonious community”

Ofsted 2016

At Wolverley CE Secondary we pride ourselves on the care and support we offer every student.

We believe that when a student feels positive and confident about themselves they can flourish in the classroom and get the best grades possible.

Our pastoral support team includes every member of the school community; teachers, non-teaching staff and the students themselves play a vital role in ensuring our school meets the needs of each individual.










Our strong academic expectations, the guidance and care offered by our staff and the unique environment in which our school sits means every Wolverley student can have “AMBITION UNLIMITED”.






Enrichment helps students to develop their interests and abilities, provides valuable learning experiences outside their studies and promotes independence and interpersonal links with students in other years.

Enrichment is a major strength of Wolverley CE Secondary School and we offer a comprehensive and extensive enrichment programme to engage all. 
We also believe that promoting leadership opportunities and skills will ensure our students achieve the best they can when they leave.

There is a wide range of leadership opportunities for our students, across a number of subjects allowing students to learn and develop interpersonal skills in a fun and active way.











“The curriculum is enhanced with a wide programme of extra-curricular activities, many of which develop pupils’ physical and emotional wellbeing”

“The school moto of ‘Ambition Unlimited’ applies to expectations of their involvement in school”

“The most-able pupils develop initiative and leadership skills as they are given opportunities to work with younger pupils”

Ofsted 2016

At key stage 4 and key stage 5 there is an additional focus on academic support which gives students any extra support they may require to achieve the highest possible academic standards.















“Leaders have established close working partnerships
with local primary schools. This ensures continuity of learning for
younger pupils”

Ofsted 2016





Wolverley has a very active pyramid and we attract students from an increasingly wide range of primary settings.

We are confident that our all-encompassing transition programme, unique location, extensive facilities and high academic standards allow students to make the best possible start to their time at Wolverley.

We offer opportunities throughout the year for students in years 3, 4, 5 and 6 to experience the Wolverley way through our transition programme. This includes subjects from across our curriculum, visits to our animal care centre and “A Sporting Chance”, an outdoor education provider who are based on the school site. 

The activities we provide challenge the students and encourage both independence and team work.

Transition does not finish on day one in September. We support students at every point throughout their Wolverley journey, from their first day to their last!





















“The curriculum strongly supports pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.”

“Pupils demonstrate respect and tolerance of people with different beliefs and from other cultures”

Ofsted 2016




We incorporate our six key values of love, respect, forgiveness, gratitude, belonging and understanding in all that we do, underpinning our Ambition Unlimited motto. We are extremely pleased that our students, whether they are Christian or not, tell us that our Christian ethos makes them feel a strong sense of belonging to a community and of being cared for as an individual.

As a school we are actively involved in the community and take part in or run community events. We are regulars at the Wolverley carnival and attend our local church frequently. We also extend invitations to the elderly for Christmas lunch as well as holding our annual Artsfest, which is open to all.


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